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Enjoy Pinellas is an online community hub made for Pinellas County residents, business and restaurant owners, non-profit organizations, board of directors, elected officials, veteran, military, first responders and parents to receive breaking news, weather alerts, health alerts, member discounts and local news on what makes Pinellas County a great place to live, work, eat, sleep & play in efforts of #sharethesunshine!

Enjoy Pinellas is ran by Denise Fougere, a Pinellas native resident, who manages Excalibur Consulting- a business development, business analyst & SEO/social media firm. Enjoy Pinellas is a publication of Excalibur Consulting.

Please contact Denise at 727-401-2678 for more information or if you need to give your online or community presence a boost! 

Website (c) Enjoy Pinellas. 2022. All rights reserved.

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Editor in Chief, Denise Fougere

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