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Sea N Things Boat Trip


Cruise the waters of the St. Petersburg Beach areas looking for dolphin, manatees, birds, local landmarks and anything else we can find. Each trip delivers its own unique experience. The average trip is 2 hours long for up to 6 people per trip.


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Erin Siffing

"We had the best time with Captain Greg! We had a playful pod of dolphins that we watched at the start of the tour, plus time spent at the sand bar collecting shells was great. I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves marine life!"

Wendy Young

"The tour was scheduled the night before & the pickup location was easy to find the next day thanks to Capt.Greg's link to the dock and exact directions. Capt. Greg was super friendly, respectful, interesting, and invested in us having a great time as well as really seeing what was right around us. We saw dolphins, used a "Florida snowshoe" to explore a tide pool, and saw so many creatures and shells that my children are still telling stories to others about. It was definitely a family-friendly adventure that was unforgettable. This is a MUST-DO for anyone wanting to explore sea life and gorgeous surrounding while having some relaxing family fun! :)"

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