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Florida Botanical Gardens

The Florida Botanical Gardens is a 182-acre botanical garden located in Largo, Florida. The park showcases flora, fauna, and natural resources in motivational surroundings that promote environmentally friendly techniques. Check out their fundraisers including Holidays in the Park!


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Judy Eddy

I absolutely love, love, love this place gorgeous represents Florida 100%! Kudos to all the staff that keeps it up for us to enjoy all year round! Can't wait for the Christmas lights I walk through today in the afternoon check it out!  Thank you for providing such a beautiful place to visit such solitude!

Courtney Lake

"A really fun afternoon activity! We really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the awesome plants. Grounds are well maintained and most plants are labeled. There are interesting touches such as faces on trees or patterns on the sidewalks which kept our kiddo occupied. My favorite was the fruit garden."

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