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Palm Harbor Himalayan Cave


Relax in the salt cave which helps promote better breathing, healthier skin and boosted energy.  Gravity chairs, relaxing music, low lighting, peace and tranquility included.  Ionic foot baths that help detox and massage chairs available separately. While you're there- check out their gift shop!  Ask about the singing bowl meditations.


salt cave 1.jpg
salt cave 2.jpg

Brittany Cummings

"This place is absolutely amazing! We were so excited to find that there is a Salt Cave in Palm Harbor! We were trying to plan to go all the way to St.Pete, but were excited to find this right in our home town 💓. Everyone should enjoy this experience! Everything is beautiful and feels amazing. The gift shop is filled with beautiful items."

Rasma B.

"Had really great time! Relaxing set up, nice music, great service! We purchased a combo of salt cave and foot detox bath and loved all the experience! Ms. Lisa was really nice and accommodating! Would highly recommend!"

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