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Sponge Docks

The Sponge Industry helped build a Greek Community that is now famous not only for the world's finest sponges, but for some of the finest Greek Restaurants, Markets, and Bakeries in the Country. What will you find in Tarpon Springs? The Sponge Docks, Greek Restaurants, Bakeries, Attractions, Natural Sponges, Sponge Diving, Tours, Sightseeing Cruises, Unique Greek and Florida Souvenirs, lots of Shopping, Sightseeing and Live Entertainment (Bouzoukia).  Make sure to get the Sangria and ask for the flaming cheese (Saganaki)! Don't miss out on the Night at the Islands during the spring/summer or the Snow's Place like Tarpon Springs during Christmas!  Opa!



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Monika Kenney

"I love this little town. So many great Greek restaurants, bakeries and shops. The Sponge Dock is very unique and these natural sea sponges can be used for bathing and cleaning. They also had their 33rd annual seafood festival which brings lots of people to town."

Chantel Hernandez
"LOVE Tarpon Springs! As a child my family always took trips here and now that I have my own child we go here too! My 10 year old loves the sponge docks, the soaps, the food and photo ops! There's awesome shopping and very cool findings. There's awesome and delicious food and bakery items, yum! It's overall a wonderful experience to submerged yourself and your family in Greek culture."

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