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Holy Crepe

Be whisked away to Paris when indulging in a delicious, made to order sweet or savory crepes with the freshest ingredients. With over 36 decadent or healthy crepes to choose from or the ability to create your own masterpiece -

there is something for everyone to enjoy and some to even set on fire!

Holy Crepe is the perfect venue for a memorable breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat inside and take a picture with the Eiffel Tower or sit outdoors and enjoy our beautiful beach weather. What crepe are you craving?   Bon Appetit!


holy crepe 5.jpg
holy crepe 2.jpg


Lauren Gruber    

"Friendly staff. Awesome variety on the menu. The crepes were OUT OF THIS WORLD! Stopped for lunch and went back the next day for breakfast!"

Cody DiCicco

 "I got the garden breakfast crepe, and added cream cheese! It was absolutely amazing. The weather outside was terrific. If you want to enjoy good food, the beach, the weather and good company? Give it a go.

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