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See Through Adventures


These high quality See Through Canoe brand canoes are completely clear and offer an experience you'll never forget! See Manatees, Dolphins, Rays & other marine life on our kayak tour from your totally transparent kayak/canoe hybrid. The lack of shadow cast by the canoe means that you get a lot closer to the wildlife you want to see without scaring it.

Our guests see manatees and dolphins all year long. We practice "passive observation" of the wildlife. We show you how to have an amazing encounter where the animal chooses to approach you. Their guests see manatees 99% of the time and dolphins almost as often.


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Shelly Krengiel

"Absolutely loved this tour!! Mark is an excellent guide very knowledgeable about the wild life. The clear bottom of the kayak made the experience of seeing the manatees up close and personal even better. Mark made the whole experience fun and relaxing!! I highly recommend taking this tour its an experience of a life time ya don't wanna miss!!!"


Julie Pasley

"This was my second time doing a tour with See Through Adventures! This year I brought my 13 year old daughter and Justin was our tour guide and he was incredible! We got to see Manatee AND dolphin! This was a low key vacation for us and this tour can be serene with amazing views and amazing wildlife! Can't wait to come back and do it again! Thank you See Through Adventures- you NEVER disappoint!"

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