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Great Explorations

Designed for children 10 and under, the 23,000 square foot museum is filled with exhibits and activities to stimulate learning through creativity, play and exploration. The museum also offers a national award-winning preschool, camps and afterschool programming, field trips and community outreach programs.


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Lea In Dunedin

"Something for any child 2 - 12! We took our 2-year-old granddaughter here and she loved every minute! From loading a cart and checking out in the supermarket to the fire engine to the stack of 'surfboards' to climb on in the middle of the museum, she had a blast! Every time we turned around there was something new to discover, so we will definitely be back! Check out Groupon for great deals on admission."

Emi W
"We were visiting from out of town and found this place for our kids to check out. I'm so glad we did. We had such a great time. If we hadn't had to go eat I think the kids would have been happy to stay here all day! I wish we had something like this near our home. I would definitely shell out the money for an annual pas if we did. Air-conditioned, indoor play area in Florida...genius!"

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