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Clearwater Marine Aquarium


Visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Florida's Marine Life Rescue Center.
See rescued dolphins, sea turtles and more! Winter the dolphin's legacy continues.



RIP Winter! 



Drea Mendoza

"The dolphins are the main attraction, but I'd like to point out that there is so much more to do there! They have pelicans, otters and sea turtles. They offer boat tours, and take you to a little island to get a shell if you want which is awesome. Their food there is pretty good too! I got their salad and I was not disappointed. I really recommend spending the whole day here with the family, we came at opening and didn't leave till almost close because there was so much to do and see. Came all the way from Texas to visit here and am super happy I did!"

Kelly McCollough

"Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a great family fun trip. Not only do you get to see fun animals, you learn a lot about them. Their new addition is beautiful and spacious. It is great knowing the money you spend there goes right back to the animals. We highly recommend the wildlife boat tour for an additional cost. It is a great way to see Clearwater Bay and you may even spot a few dolphins!"

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