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Sea Screamer

Join us aboard the Sea Screamer, the world's largest speedboat with guaranteed dolphin sightings!  With its dual twin-turbocharged diesel engines, the 72' long Sea Screamer gives you a thrill ride you'll never forget!  At speeds up to 35 miles per hour on its deep-V hull, the Sea Screamer zips along the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in speed and comfort.

Your comfort and safety are #1. The Sea Screamer is equipped with comfortable bucket seats, two restrooms, refreshments, and is Coast Guard licensed and equipped for your safety.

No other tour boat puts a smile on the kids' faces like the Sea Screamer!  Whether it be speeding up and down the beaches, enjoying the spray, or watching dolphins play in our wake, kids LOVE the Sea Screamer!  Year after year, the Sea Screamer keeps them coming back for more!


sea screamer1.jpg
sea screamer 2.jpg


Laura Ciulla

"Oh my gosh I can not say enough great things!! They really went above and beyond, holding our car seat for us at the office during the ride and being so sweet with our son. The boat was fun, the music was great, the drinks were cheap and of course the best part was the dolphins!! They really do play in the wake like you see in the photos. It was incredible!"

Josh Gammariello

"This was a phenomenal boating experience in Clearwater beach. It was worth the cost, and the ‘dolphin show’ was actually better than expected! The boat was relatively smooth for a speedboat, and we were still able to get up to some fast speeds around 25-30 mph. The crew and captain were friendly and gave narration over the loud speaker of what we were looking at. They played fun music on the boat which really made the experience a bit of a party."

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