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Reel Deal Sportsfishing


Reel Deal Sportfishing offers 1/2 day, 3/4 day, all day, and extended fishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico and specialize in trolling and bottom fishing. Catches vary depending on the time of year and include grouper, snapper, kingfish, spanish mackerel, cobia, sharks, hogfish, amberjack, and more! Shared trips or private charters available. 


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Stuart Elliott

"I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. This is not just another charter. This, my friends, must be experienced to be believed. Not only were Tucker and Deanna an absolute delight to spend the day with, they also helped us haul in some serious fish. The boats, equipment, and language were impeccably clean (which is saying something). It really was a great trip and I would highly recommend them for your next event or family day out. No matter what, you’ll return with a story and a smile. I’m not going to tell you some crazy story about how we caught the largest mackerel ever recorded, but I’m not saying we didn’t. Do with that what you will."

Pete Wright

"We booked. 10hr trip and had a fantastic time, we limited out on King Macarel, we caught several Grouper, it was a great time. Steve, the owner and captain of the ship was very professional and knowledgeable. All his equipment was in good repair and great condition. I was impressed with the care and cleanliness of out boat. I highly recommend and will return for sure.... by the bay we had the biggest catch on the dock as we unloaded. Thank you for a good time!" 

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