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Captain Bligh's Landing Mini Golf
An 18-hole mini-golf for all ages open 7 days a week. Set amongst plush landscapes, waterfalls, caves and a wooden Pirate Ship. There's even a parrot that guards the course! 


captain bligh.jpg
captain bligh 2.jpg

Javier Ortega

"Awesome place! A lot bigger than it looks. Waterfalls, caves, stairs and pirate ships make up this 18 hole course. Lots of fun for the whole family. We enjoyed it and will definitely be back. Totally recommend this for anyone looking for a good time. The place is impressive."

Damon M.

"Great putt putt course. Well maintained and cheap. I enjoyed there not being too many luck based holes. Great for the family and many shady areas to sit down and rest the feet. The many waterfalls made alot of misty breezes that felt great on the face."


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