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Replay Amusement Museum


Check out this interactive museum with 120+ playable games and unique amusement devices set to “Free” play. We encourage our guests to immerse themselves in a place that has been long since seen, yet never forgotten.


Replay Amusement Museum 1.jpg
Replay Amusement Museum 2.jpg



Josh Wright

"This place is great for a nostalgic fun time. Where else can you go and play pinball and old school arcade games and enjoy times with friends? Great times after to be had here for sure! I know that I had a blast and can't wait to return."

M Baumgartner

"Staff was very friendly, explained arcade options clearly. Arcade was very clean and felt safe. Pricing was awesome for a full day's worth of entertainment! Enjoyed many vintage pinball machines and video games from childhood. Games worked well and had no issues. Signage was cool on pinball machines showing age, designer with how many made. Cool place, nice experience! 15 min walk from Sponge Docks."


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