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Electric Spinz


Electric Spinz has electric bike rentals and sales available for use on the Pinellas Trail. The Pinellas trail stretches from downtown St. Pete through multiple towns like Seminole, Clearwater, and Dunedin and currently ends near Tarpon Springs. You can park, rent/buy and ride in the newest mode of transportation.  Great lunch or sunset date activity or for a trip around the area in a different perspective! No peddling required.


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Pat Mujica

"We've been in electric bikes for 4 hours. Had a great time. We had enough time to go all the way down town. By far the nicest paved trail I have ever been on. Once you get downtown there are bypass all over the place. Much faster to get around on electric bike then it is a car. And definitely much easier to find a parking spot because there was bike racks everywhere. Highly recommend renting an electric bike and taking a nice scenic cruise downtown for lunch."

David Roberts

"We have rented electric bikes six times from Scott and Connor. These guys are wonderful to work with! We purchased two electric bikes from the owner, Greg, and absolutely love our rides! Wonderful prices excellent service, highly recommend this business."

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