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Dunedin and
Tarpon Springs Bike Tours


An enjoyable bicycle tour for visitors & residents to learn about the highlights of our area


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"This tour is not to be missed! I'm a repeat customer and loved it just as much the second time around! Russ is a terrific guide and knowledgeable on all things Dunedin. The tour is great for all fitness levels, history buffs, nature lovers or anyone looking for a fun way to see this amazing town."

"We are natives. What could there be to learn? Tons! Outstanding tour and experience. Russ was welcoming, informative, safety conscious and fun. He was well prepared to keep us happy, hydrated and entertained. The tour offers a well-rounded look at Dunedin and its history. There are several surprises about this tour, and they are all pleasant - so no spoilers. The guest experience is well planned and thoughtful. Enjoy!"

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